Caroline Baca

Anos de experiência: 5                
​Especialidade: Otimização de mecanismos de busca (SEO)​

Isaac Perez

Anos de experiência: 15​

Especialidade: Web Design para comércio eletrônico

Juan Fernandez

Anos de experiência: 2 
Especialidade: Web design para dispositivos móveis​

Roberto Garcia

Anos de experiência: 3                    
​Especialidade: Integração de redes sociais​

Nossa equipe

Imagine um mundo no qual os sites fossem capazes de antecipar de fato seu próximo movimento. Nossa equipe de designers, redatores, arquitetos de experiência do usuário e desenvolvedores passa cada hora em que está acordada aperfeiçoando a troca variável entre os sites e os humanos que os usam.

Who we are:  

Healing Vine Harbor (HVH) serves at risk women (ages 18 and older) who are not prepared for independent living.

Because they have aged out of the foster care system, their homes or current housing situation, they are no longer safe or stable.

They lack preparation or resources for the future and end up in shelters, jail, or bounced around from place to place.

We are a safe place for single homeless women who are hurting!

The mission of Healing Vine Harbor is to reduce the number of single women living in shelters or unsafe situations, providing a pathway out of poverty to ensure self-sufficiency. We transform lives one woman at a time through independent living skills such as financial literacy, educational preparation, employability readiness, mentoring and much more.

We are in the process of raising funds for our residence. Our goal is to open a residential facility by 2021. Currently we do not have a residence. If you are looking for housing in Charlotte currently, please call 211 and they will refer you to housing resources.