Healing Vine Harbor is an independent living skills residential program that provides a safe, loving and supportive environment for single women ages 18 and older for up to 24 months who are not parents of underage children or custodial parents.  After admission to Healing Vine Harbor, Inc. residents are required to undergo a comprehensive assessment and evaluation process, assist with personal goal setting and participate in programs and practical activities that are designed to help move them towards independent living and self-sufficiency. They will sign a contract agreement confirming their willingness to participate in all activities that will lead them towards independent living. Residents can only remain in good standing if they abide by all requirements in the contract. Healing Vine Harbor does not discriminate against any person based on race, national origin, color, religion, sexual orientation or status as a parent. 

Resident Eligibility
Applications will be accepted and processed on a first-come first-serve basis.  Applicants must complete our online application.  After 48 hours, applicants may call the office (704-561-1128) if they have not received a telephone call or email advising them that they are or are not being considered for admission. If greeted by our voice-mail, they should leave their name and a number where they can be reached or receive a message. A resident must:

  • Be 18+
  • Complete an admissions application
  • Have a valid photo identification and a social security card upon admission (or working towards a green card)
  • Be interviewed and accepted by interview committee
  • Obtain physical from the local health department or their personal doctor within first 30 days of admission.
  • Be self-motivated and willing to participate in all activities of the program to bring about life changes
  • Not have supportive and safe environment to return to
  • Be employed or enrolled in school within 3 months of admission
  • Have no legal or other outside issues that will disrupt goals set at intake
  • Pass criminal background check (no outstanding warrants)
  • Agree to and complete a full drug screen which includes alcohol, upon admission and randomly
  • Be medically, physically & psychologically stable.  We are not staffed to admit women that have chronic mental health or medical conditions requiring frequent medical appointments such as eating disorders, drug addiction and/or certain types of personality disorders.
  • Residents live as roommates so must be willing to work with other residents to shop for groceries, cook, clean, etc.
  • Be able to climb stairs and physically be able to maintain cleanliness of room and perform other job functions in the facility.
  • Speak, hear, read & write English (not required but preferred)
  • Obtain a medical insurance sliding scale card if they lack medical insurance
  • Have a driver's license and/or car (not required but preferred)
  • Agree to and obey all program rules and follow the directions of staff
  • Women Veterans are welcomed!

Residence Admissions

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