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H.E.L.P. is a project where we prevent homelessness by providing short term resources to HVH participants who are women at-risk of homelessness such as food, gas, household needs as well as helping them avoid eviction, having utilities disconnected and cell phones disconnected (needed to maintain or obtain employment) through rental, utility and cell phone assistance, utilizing current donors or locating donors when the women have exhausted all of their resources. We have housed women temporarily to avoid them living in places not meant for habitation or were in an unsafe situation. We have assisted women with transportation to get items out of storage when moving out of the women’s shelter, gas to fuel car when need to get to work, etc. 

​During COVID, our donors have helped our clients with:

Paying back rent

​Paying for deposit for new apartment

Thanksgiving boxes of food

Christmas gifts

Cash donations

Furniture (beds, dining room tables, etc.)

Paying cell phone bill

Buying grocery/walmart gift cards