Healing Bags

We provide women with Healing Bags that include various toiletries and personal care products.



8920 Lawyers Rd # 690483, Charlotte, NC 28227

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Healing Closet

At each TEACH Workshop, the ladies are given the opportunity to shop in the Healing Closet. In the Healing Closet, there are clothes, toiletries, accessories and other donated items.

At Healing Vine Harbor, we strive to transform the lives of homeless or displaced women. Oftentimes, women who fit in this demographic are disregarded or left behind. 

(Heal & Eradicate

Lingering Poverty)

H.E.L.P. is a project where we prevent homelessness by providing short term resources to HVH participants who are  at-risk of homelessness.

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We offer the following programs:

  • TEACH (Transforming, Empowering And Creating Hope)
  • HELP (Heal & Eradicate Lingering Poverty)
  • Healing Bags
  • Healing Closet
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural Enrichment

​(Transforming, Empowering
And Creating Hope)

Healing Vine Harbor provides monthly workshops for women to promote self-realization and empowerment.