If you are seeking immediate shelter, contact The Salvation Army or Roof Above.

​If you’re currently homeless, please refer to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Homeless Assistance: Coordinated Entry.

​​HELP​ (Heal & Eradicate Lingering Poverty)

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8920 Lawyers Rd # 690483, Mint Hill, NC 28227


​H.E.L.P. is a project where we prevent homelessness by providing one-time, emergency financial resources to HVH participants who are women at-risk of homelessness. Providing assistance such as food, gas, and household needs as well as helping them avoid eviction, having utilities and cell phones disconnected (needed to maintain or obtain employment) through rental, utility, and cell phone assistance, or connecting them with other community resources. We have housed women temporarily to avoid them living in places not meant for habitation or were in an unsafe situation. We have assisted women with transportation to get items out of storage when moving out of the women’s shelter, gas to fuel their car when need to get to work, etc. Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Once applications are submitted, they are reviewed by our team and if approved, bills are paid to a third party. Incomplete applications or applications without appropriate documentation are not considered.

We are not accepting new requests for HELP at this time.  

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